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Gamehelix is a marketplace for virtual goods an game accounts. Buy, sell or trade your accounts (like Steam, Battlenet, WoW) and virtual goods (like gold, items) at the marketplace! Or create your own salespage.

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Win Steam Games

Register now for free and win one of the following awesome Steam Games: Every 50th unique new user wins one of the following Steam games: Farcry 3 / Bioshock Infinite / Payday 1+2 / Skyrim / Don't Starve / Dishonored / Outlast / Arma2 (+Dayz Mod).

Buy and sell steam accounts, world of warcraft account and many more legally

Gamehelix is hosted in Germany and underlays the German and European Law. It allows you to buy, sell and trade accounts or virtual items legally. But keep in mind that some publishers may forbid it in their EULA so they could ban your account.

Integrated Middleman Service

We provide our users a secured middleman service. Sellers can activate the option for buyers to purchase their item with the Gamehelix Middleman Service. The service is intended to protect seller and buyer and reduce fraud. The first step is the payment from the buyer to the Gamehelix Account. Then the buyer gets the account data or item from the seller. Only after the buyer confirms the data or item then Gamehelix transfers the money to the seller and the transaction is completed.

Create your own salespage

The smart and professional solution to sell your products! Create your own shop intuitively in less than five minutes. The creation and hosting of your own Sales Page is free. Take advantage of our users. Gamehelix users will not need to register additional to buy your products or services.

Wide Range of Games

Currently we offer over sections for over 35 games and platforms. These include platforms like Steam, Origin or Xbox Live and games like World of Wacraft, Aion, League of Legends, Guildwars, Final Fantasy, Dota2, Star Wars, Hearthstone, Starcraft2, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo3 and Counterstrike. We always add new Gaming Sections if there is demand to new games or platforms.

Full Mobile Support

Keep track fo your transactions wherever you are! Our Website has full mobile support. View it on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone and always get the best experience.

Best Data Security

Germany has one of the strictest data privacy laws in the world. Your Data will always be treated discreetly. We also use best encryption methods and secure connections!

Forever Free

We want all people to participate at Gamehelix. So Gamehelix will always stay free. Yet you can purchase various memberships or verify yourself with money.

Upcoming Features

We always update Gamehelix to our users needs. We add new Game Sections, set up new features and integrate optimized selling strategies. If you have some feedback or suggestions feel free to email us or comment in our feedback threads.

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